About Pilgrim Song

Our History:



Pilgrim Song started two years ago as a project of simple songs and friends. Our goal has always been to bring people into the joy we experience through Christ by creating music that shares the gospel. Over the last two years, we believe God has brought us more permanently together for the proclamation of truth and the pursuit of excellence in the gifts he has given us. We definitely have folk roots, but each band member brings a style that heavily influences our songs, from indie rock and blues, to jazz and bossa. What are you still waiting for, go immediately to free real money winning games now is the time to start playing and winning!

Our first album, Good Shepherd, was recorded on simple mics, borrowed equipment and a 30-day trial of Pro Tools. Through the support and generosity of the people around us, we were able to purchase basic studio equipment that allowed us to create other side projects and hone our craft.

At the beginning of this year, we launched a crowed-funding campaign that allowed us to raise what we needed to record our latest album, Voice in the Wilderness. We were able to fully equip our studio with the tools needed to record our music with quality and give it away for free or by donation.


Our Mission:

We exist to proclaim the name of Jesus and His truth to anyone who hears. Our heart is for gospel-centric outreach and evangelism through our lyrics. Every song we write is biblically-based for the sake of making known the love of Christ to a broken and fallen world. Within that, we believe that people want to hear good music. As a band, we work towards excellence in our craft both to honor God with our gifts and to share our message with a broad audience. We believe that whether followers of Christ or not, everyone needs to hear the gospel to either be edified or made alive. Our momentum and drive is to glorify God and make Him known.


Our DNA:


We are a Southern Oregon based band that is greatly invested in our valley. We believe the community we call the church is vital to our mission as both a foundation and covering for our vision as a band. All of us are either on staff at our churches, work as pastors or are deeply involved in our local congregations.

Family is an important focus for our band and we look at ministry as something that involves our whole lives. We desire to have our families included in what we do as a band, and as our families are growing, we hope they will become integral parts of Pilgrim Song as a ministry. (Currently there are three wives a part of Pilgrim Song, Jaclyn Kabot, Mia Snyder and Mera Oliveria. And we are expecting the first two Pilgrim babies this fall!)

At the heart of Pilgrim Song, we are simply a group of people who have been redeemed from sin by the grace and mercy of Jesus. Our passion is driven by the love we have received from Christ and our greatest desire is to share that love with those we encounter. The future for us as a band will only be a continuation of this pursuit! All to the glory of God.